Enzo Amore’s Next Ideal Challengers After WWE Survivor Series Win vs. Kalisto

Enzo Amore successfully defended the Cruiserweight Championship on Sunday at Survivor Series against Kalisto.

Bleacher Report’s Ryan Dilbert noted how quiet the crowd was for the pre-show match: 

Now there is no shortage of potential opponents awaiting a shot at his title.

WWE‘s cruiserweight division has undergone some significant changes in recent months with stalwarts such as Austin Aries and Neville exiting the picture.

That has created more opportunities for other competitors, and there are some talented Superstars still waiting for their time in the spotlight.

Following Sunday’s Cruiserweight Championship bout, here are a few performers under 205 pounds who would make the most of a chance to enter the title scene.


Cedric Alexander

Among the cruiserweights who are featured regularly on Raw and 205 Live, Cedric Alexander is arguably the best who has yet to have a legitimate Cruiserweight Championship program.

The former Ring of Honor star is one of the best all-around athletes in WWE, and he has a history of getting the WWE Universe firmly behind him.

That was on full display during the Cruiserweight Classic, as fans chanted for the company to sign him to a contract following an incredible match against Kota Ibushi.

WWE did ink Alexander, and he has brought his exciting brand of wrestling to the cruiserweight division regardless of the situations he has been placed in.

Alexander has feuded with the likes of Noam Dar, Brian Kendrick and Jack Gallagher, and while he has enjoyed a great deal of success from a wins-and-losses perspective, it hasn’t resulted in a championship program.

That could and should soon change now that Alexander has waited his turn and excelled as a supporting cast member within the division.

Alexander’s value primarily lies in his in-ring work; however, he has seemingly gained confidence on the mic and in terms of character development.

The cruiserweight division is built upon incredible athletic feats not often seen on other parts of the show, and Alexander is a Superstar who brings that to the table in spades, making him a perfect choice for the next No. 1 contender.


Mustafa Ali

It can be argued that Mustafa Ali was somewhat of an afterthought during the CWC and the early days of 205 Live, but as he has been provided with more opportunities, that is no longer the case.

Ali has been given more and more responsibility in recent months as other cruiserweights have departed, and he has done a solid job of getting fans behind him.

The Chicago-area native boasts perhaps the most remarkable move in the entire company in the form of the 054, which is a reverse 450 Splash from the top rope.

Since Enzo has joined the cruiserweight division, Ali has also taken on a more vocal role as a spokesperson of sorts for the face cruiserweights who are against Amore‘s antics.

Ali will never be confused with Stone Cold Steve Austin or The Rock on the microphone, but he acquits himself well and is one of the more convincing talkers in the cruiserweight ranks.

As the first wrestler of Pakistani descent in WWE history, Ali is unique, and it is something that can make him more marketable from WWE‘s perspective.

Even if Ali isn’t the most inspiring choice to challenge for the cruiserweight title and eventually win it, he can be counted upon to put on great matches and keep the fans interested.

Based on those factors alone, Ali deserves a chance to show what he can do when he is truly a featured part of the division.


Hideo Itami

Currently in NXT, Hideo Itami is a potential call-up candidate who would lend instant credibility to the cruiserweight division if WWE decides to go in that direction.

According to PWInsider (h/t Raj Giri of Wrestling Inc), WWE does plan to make Itami a cruiserweight, and it is simply waiting on the right opportunity to add him to the mix.

Itami hasn’t done much in NXT since feuding with Bobby Roode for the NXT Championship and then facing Aleister Black in a hard-hitting affair, so it would make sense from WWE‘s perspective to give him a look on the main roster.

Much like Aries was moved up from NXT and into the cruiserweight division, Itami could follow that path and be an immediate player.

Injuries have taken a toll on Itami since he signed with WWE in 2014, but he is currently healthy and would add a different element to 205 Live.

Many of the cruiserweights are high-flyers, while Itami is a stiff-striking, technical wizard more in the mold of a Dean Malenko than a Rey Mysterio.

Itami has also shown he is capable of being an effective heel or face, and that versatility should work to his advantage as a cruiserweight.

While Enzo is a legitimate star regardless of where he is on the card, the cruiserweight scene needs more potential top-level guys with Aries and Neville gone.

Itami fits the bill, and his arrival would generate buzz not seen in the division since Amore made his 205 Live debut.


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